At Timbeck, we’re extremely proud to boast about some of our high quality timber products and how they can add to your property. Whether you’re designing your home, your office, or another commercial place, you want the best result possible. Additionally, timber’s impact on mood is also a great benefit of designing your project with timber products. 

If you want the best result possible, it makes sense to use the best product you can get your hands on. Canadian Western Red Cedar is known for being incredibly durable and resistant to rot or decay, so it can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s also attractive, making it perfect for paneling, or anything else you want to use it for.

Finally, because Canadian Western Red Cedar wood doesn’t have any resin, it’s easy to use and add finishes and varnishes to. This makes it even more flexible for whatever you want to use it for.

So how can you design your property with western red cedar panelling, and how can you ensure it stays looking good for as long as possible?

Indoor and Outdoor Panelling

As we’ve said, Canadian Western Red Cedar timber hits the golden range of being both attractive and durable. This makes it perfect for pretty much all of your panelling needs. It even smells good, just in case that hadn’t sold it to you. 

If you want an interior space panelled, western red cedar panelling can bring some natural warmth into the room. It can be perfect for commercial uses, as it looks clean and natural without being too dark for a space. Panelling can look incredibly professional, especially if you look after it.

It’s also good for more homely areas, as wood can naturally make a space seem warmer and cosier. You can have different tints and finishes added to the wood, which not only protects the timber, but also changes how it looks and can draw out its natural grain.

Western cedar panelling can also be used for the outside of your home or other exterior structures. It’s naturally resistant to weathering and wear, and is also a great insulator of noise and temperature alike. 

Timber logs stacked

Choose Your Product Wisely

Western red cedar panelling can come in a wide variety of styles, and the wood can be treated in different ways. So, you need to choose what kind of paneling you want.

For starters, will the panelling be in an area where it will get a lot of traffic or potential damage? Will it need treatment to protect it from water and steam? While this timber is naturally durable, it is often beneficial to give it all the help it might need, especially if the panelling will be outside or in a sauna area.

You also want to consider the kind of finish and lacquer you want on the wood. Some people prefer a rougher, more natural look, which will still need plenty of TLC to keep it looking nice. Or you might prefer a more polished finish, perhaps with a tint to draw out the natural beauty of the wood.

Finally, we offer a variety of different panelling patterns, some of which are better for different circumstances. These all use the tongue and groove design, and it’s a matter of personal preference and what’s best for you.

If you aren’t sure about what kind of panelling is best for you, the experts at Timbeck are more than willing to help guide you to the right option, as well as talk you through the pros and cons of different styles of panelling.

Different Styling Ideas

Different types of panelling are important for practical reasons, but you also want to think about your personal style. As we’ve established, western cedar panelling is amazingly versatile, but let’s illustrate that with a few ideas. 

Let’s say that you like the sleek modern look, but you don’t want your home to look boring or bland. One of the issues with the sleek look is that it’s hard to find the balance between clean and heartless. You still want your home to look like a home, not a laboratory or hospital room. 

In this case, a panelled feature wall might be just what you need to bring a little bit of contrast to your room, without overwhelming everything else or sacrificing the modern feel. Panelling is so popular in professional and corporate settings because it’s attractive and sleek all at once. It can break up plain walls and create an interesting feature all at once. 

But what about the other extreme? If you prefer a country cosy look, western cedar panelling can be perfect for your walls. Wood is the ultimate natural material and you can either have half-panelled or fully panelled walls. 

Depending on how you varnish and tint your timber, you can create warm reddish wood with a beautiful grain, which is ideal for your cosy country room. Break up the wood with plenty of wall hangings and other furniture or decor to bring some colour into the room. 

Caring for Your Panelling

Your western cedar panelling will only look its best if you take proper care of it. Your timber will be treated before its installed and this will extend its lifespan, but from there it’s up to you. 

Keep your panelling clean with a clean, dry cloth or duster. Use a specialised wood soap to give it any extra cleaning. You can also treat it with oil to keep the timber healthy. 

If your panelling is exposed to water and steam often, keep an eye out for water damage and rot. It may need additional treatments over time. If practical, remove standing water from panelling and wipe it dry. 

The better you take care of your western cedar panelling, the longer it will last and the longer you’ll get to enjoy it.