Want to add a sense of grandeur to a project? Timbeck’s range of dressed Western Red Cedar boards will provide a talking point and a touch of class to any project.

In addition to our square dressed cedar products line, we also stock and dry a range of sawn section sizes . Western Red Cedar is much loved for it diverse range of colour’s and stability, making it one of the most sought after species for the joinery and fit out market.

When your project requires that little bit extra, let us offer our range of pre finished sanded and coating services. Your product will arrive packed and ready to install, minimizing time and frustrations on site.

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Western Red Cedar and Other Species

Western Red Cedar is our most popular dressed imported species out of Canada. However Dressed Western Hemlock profiles can be available upon request. All products manufactured from our imported Canadian species are milled from a clear grade of imported timber fibre.

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When your installation requires the very finest flawless finish, we recommend our Western Red Cedar DAR products. They are graded #2 Clear, which means that they are cut from the outermost area of the log, which is generally free of knots and produces two different clear grades of timber. Typically, this timber yields high quality appearance fibre in long lengths.

#2 Clear is the highest grade and is virtually void of any defects, although some pieces may have a limited number of imperfections. When properly remanufactured, it will yield a very high percentage of full length clear timber. Hence it is widely used where long clear profiles are required such as for panelling and cladding.

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8x8 12x8 17x8 22x8 30x8 40x8 65x8 90x8 12x12
17x12 22x12 30x12 40x12 65x12 90x12 115x12 140x12 190x12
17x17 22x17 30x17 40x17 65x17 90x17 115x17 140x17 190x17
30x30 40x30 65x30 90x30 115x30 140x30 190x30 38x38 65x38
90x38 115x38 140x38 190x38

You’re sure to find the right square dressed size to suit any given application from our extensive range. Inquire about our range of set length products, or talk to our friendly team about a custom size to suit your next project requirements.

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