High Quality Timber Coating and Finishing

When selecting a finishing method for your timber products, it is important to bear in mind that wood differs from other common building materials in that it is a natural biological material. We understand that this makes it susceptible to deterioration by the elements and other agents and therefore we recommend the careful application of a suitable high quality formulated protective coating’s from our Rosewood coating facility west of Brisbane.

We can work with you to recommend the correct protective coating, ensuring our product will last in its given application. We offer a range of tinted and clear lacquers and oils, applied through our state of the art coating lines. We are sure to have a finish to suit any upcoming project.

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Coating and Finishing Range

Let our team of timber specialists guide you through our extensive range of pre-coated products. We draw on years of experience to recommend the best coating option for your project.

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Vacuum Coated and UV-Cured Lacquers

For a more lustrous and robust finish, vacuum coated and UV-cured (VCUV) lacquers are the preferred choice, but these should only be used on internal and fully protected external surfaces, including walls, ceilings, soffits as well as internal areas exposed to surface contact and wear such as in passageways, stairwells, reception lobbies, and counter fronts. Lacquers are available in a matte, gloss or semi gloss finish, talk to our team about which will best suit your upcoming project.

Penetrating Oils for Internal and External Timbers

Whether your installation is exposed to the elements or protected from them, penetrating oil treatments offer a pleasing natural finish in a wide variety of applications. They are easily maintained and recoated making them ideal for ceilings, soffits and internal wall finishes as well as to more formal areas where human contact is negligible. All penetrating oil colours allow the natural grain patterns to show through.

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Our experienced team can help find the most cost-effective and suitable option for your next project. We can determine which grade, length and section size is best to suit your needs.

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