Australian hardwood species offer some of the most durable and attractive timbers in the world. While they have traditionally been used for structural applications including joists, bearers, unseasoned treads and roof beams, they are rapidly gaining popularity for use in a variety of outdoor settings including decking, cladding, paneling and solid screening.

The strength, durability and density of these woods also ensure that they meet the building standards of many bushfire prone areas. 

Streamline your installation process and reduce on site waste with our range of external hardwood cladding available in a variety of profiles: Shiplap, Vee Joint, Eased Edge, Rusticated, and Decor

For a unique finish that will stand up to the harsh Australian weather conditions, Australia’s Durability-Class-1 hardwoods not only make an aesthetic statement, but are also highly functional and hard-wearing, particularly when treated with our high-quality timber coatings.

A tall wooden wall supporting a glass building

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Shiplap Series

Shiplap Series

Achieve a high-end professional look with our Spotted Gum cladding. Available with a dressed or fresh sawn face, our shiplap cladding will provide a modern look for any new build or renovation.

Available in 3 channel widths, our profile can be fixed vertically, horizontally or diagonally to achieve a range of different finishes to make a statement in any project.

A wooden cedar wall

Vee Joint Series

Cladding Vee Joint Hardwood

A uniquely traditional profile, Vee joint cladding has been widely used over time in the new build and renovation market.

Our Concealed tongue and groove design allow for easy installation and a high end smooth application, that adds a touch of history and class to any new renovation or new build.

Commonly used in colonial homes to panel walls and hallways, Vee joint is now regularly used to create feature ceilings, rooms and walkways, adding that wow factor to any project.

A wooden cieling

Decor Series

Decor Series Half

Timbeck’s Décor series, much more than just another cladding option. The concept of alternating the narrow face and groove width is the basic makeup of our Décor Range. The profile provides the look of a solid screening option whilst ensuring easy installation with our extended tongue and groove design, suitable for face or concealed fixings.

Available in a range of different widths and thicknesses for any given application, Décor cladding provides superior insulation, acoustic properties and privacy whilst achieving the highly sought after timber screening look.

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An outdoor seating space

Eased Edge Series

Clading Eased Edge Hardwood

Timbeck has expanded on its standard range of external Cladding’s and developed our Eased Edge Series.

Similar to a standard hardwood shiplap profile, our eased edge cladding has subtle differences. A slight arris to the egdes of the cladding channel creates a softer look in the wall, but also provides a unique and appealing shadow line.

Available in 3 channel widths, this profile is sure to be a feature in any project.

Wooden walls made of cedar

Rusticated Series

Cladding Rusticated Hardwood

A timeless classic, and often seen in many post war colonial Homes. Timbeck’s Rusticated profile is sure to add a touch of history and class to any new build, or re-invigorate a renovation project.

Available machine dressed or with a fresh sawn face, our cladding profiles can arrive on-site with a seal coat of penetrating oil to the entire board. This will ensure the product is protected from the elements , whilst allowing the natural beauty of Australia’s east coast Hardwoods to shine through.

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