You’re sure to find what you need in our extensive range of shutter components, which includes stiles, rails, blades and accessories for all shutter types. Our range includes bi-fold, lift-out, hinge panel and sliding panel shutters that are custom made in our timber machining facilities.

Our standard range of shutter and blind components have been supplied to the re-manufacturing market for over 20 years. Our range of products is sure to suit a range of different fit out applications.

Western Red Cedar shutter and blind components are very receptive to all finishes including lacquers, varnishes and stains. What’s more, cedar offers excellent colour retention when coated and can be colour-matched to any colour palette. This means you’re able to obtain a variety of colour tones, textures, and gloss and matt finishes.

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Shutter Components

You’re sure to find what you need from our extensive range of shutter components. Our products include a range of stile, rail and blade sizes as well as accessories for bi-fold, lift out and sliding shutter panels.

Get in touch with our sales team today. They will be more than happy to run you through our range of product and coated finishes.

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Blind Components

When your project requires blinds to regulate light, view, privacy, ventilation and airflow while also adding a pleasing aesthetic effect, our Western Red Cedar venetian blind components allow you to create blinds that offer superior durability and excellent airflow. 

Cedar is highly dimensionally stable and resists warping and frankly no other material offers such a variety of finishes ranging from natural wood grain displayed through either naturally or mildly tinted stains through to any selection from a full palette of colours. Venetian blind components are always produced from clear grade vertical grain sawn feedstock.

No matter whether you’re trying to create a cosy room with rustic charm or an elegant ultra-modern space, natural Western Red Cedar venetian blinds add a warm, inviting look to any room and can create a wide range of moods and styles. They are versatile enough for use on a variety of doorways, entrances, and windows and are fully adjustable, to let in just the right amount of sunlight and airflow, while offering the desired amount of privacy.

While we don’t supply the finished blinds, our Venetian blind components are manufactured from carefully selected Western Red Cedar stock and graded to Select Appearance grade, which means that they are free of all knots, defects and similar blemishes on all faces and edges.

Our standard range of blind components is usually available increments of 300 mm from 900 mm to 3.3 metres in length and includes slats (45 x 4,  60 x 4,  70 x 4,  84 x 4 mm), rails (45 x 17,  70 x 17,  84 x 17 mm) and flat fascia (90 x 6 mm)

Choose from a wide range of colours from light medium to medium dark, available in oil or lacquer coatings.

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Environmental Benefits of Cedar

When choosing the right material for your venetian blinds, you may have been tempted to opt for cheap timber imports including composites, vinyls or even plastics in the past, but with the current focus on environmental impact, traditional cedar, which dominated the timber Venetian blind market in Australia for over 30 years, is clearly the best choice. 

Consumers are more conscious than ever of issues such as products’ whole life cycles and their impact on the environment. Throughout its life cycle, cedar has the least impact of any material on the environment and requires less energy to produce than man-made alternatives, leading to its impeccable credentials as the ultimate green building material. 

Our blind components are crafted exclusively from legally, responsibly and sustainably harvested cedar from publicly managed forests in British Columbia, Canada where less than 1% of standing timber is harvested each year. To ensure the forest will exist in perpetuity, three trees are replanted for every tree harvested.

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Durability and Cost Effectiveness

Western Red Cedar is well-known for its many attributes that ensure long term performance as a window or door covering. In addition to being sustainable and 100% biodegradable, it is a good insulator and is lightweight. What’s more, it has a distinctive pleasant odour and has a visually appealing grain structure, economical pricing and natural durability have made it a popular choice for designers and architects.

Cedar is renowned as one of the world’s most naturally durable and stable species, and it is unlikely to show any major movement in service. 

The inherent value for money that Cedar offers is appreciated by discerning consumers, and the blind manufacturers utilising locally produced slats are seeing increasing demand from retailers.

Please note that we do not manufacture the finished article. If you are interested in purchasing finished products, may we suggest you contact our staff who will arrange for one of the many Venetian Blind Manufacturers who use Timbeck components to contact you. 

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