Feeling overwhelmed by the wealth of coating and finishing products out there? Not sure how to select the right product to ensure your timber installation performs well in the long run?  With so many factors to consider and so many options, it’s good to know you can rely on our team of timber coating specialists to guide you through.

With more than five decades of experience in the timber industry our team has extensive knowledge of the use, treatment, manufacturing, coating and maintenance of timber products and will best be able to advise you on the right finish to achieve your desired results.

They’ll chat to you about your application, about the degree and type of exposure the timber will be subjected to and draw on their knowledge of the inherent and manufacturing characteristics of the timber itself, to come up with the best product to suit your needs.

Our timber coating and finishing plant west of Brisbane is equipped with four separate quality controlled production lines capable of delivering exceptionally high quality coating applications as well as state-of-the-art drying technology to yield exceptionally durable and attractive timber products.

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Penetrating Oils

Our oil and primers are all factory applied through our high speed automated spray and stacking line. This machine consists of an automatic in-feed and stacker, as well as 6 spray guns to ensure the full board is coated in a timely and efficient manner.

Our spray line is set up to apply almost any penetrating clear or tinted oils, as well our standard range of primers. Producing a very natural finish that highlights the natural grain and beauty of our timber range, our factory applied oils are an excellent choice for any external weather exposed area.

Talk to our team about our colour range that can be applied to any of our exterior cladding and screening products. Our spray line coatings are also an excellent option for covered outdoor areas where contact with the products is minimized, such as soffit linings or ceiling screens. One of our most widely used coatings is a coat all round of our Cutek Extreme, which will ensure any of your decking or weatherboards are protected from the elements when they arrive on site.

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UV cure Lacquer and Polyurethanes

Factory applied through our fast speed UV Coating line, our internal lacquer finishes are available in a range of clear, semi transparent and solid colour’s. This coating is the perfect for high traffic areas where products are exposed to higher amount of surface contact and wear, such as hallways, passage ways, stairs and family entertaining areas.

Before the coating process starts, all our products are finely sanded at our Brisbane production facility to ensure a smooth, clean and accurate finish. Our profiles then pass through our state-of-the-art Vacuum pump and curing UV oven, before they are finally packed and wrapped ready for distribution nationwide.

This is a very efficient process for large volumes of product and can be applied to any of our Cladding, Panelling, screening or blind components for internal and weather protected applications. The factory applied coating to all faces and edges greatly contributes to the long-term stability and performance of the timber. Cut ends are the only part of the profile which need to be given a final touch up on site prior to installation.

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For external timber products such as fascia, cladding, joinery and mouldings, when your timber needs protection, primers are essential. They can also incorporate fungicides and  form a good base for adhesion of subsequent coats.

Factory priming provides protection from weather and contamination during transport, site storage and construction. 

Make sure all unprimed timber is primed all round and not just on the exposed surface before installation, if not at our coating factory, then preferably as soon as they reach site. Be sure to reprime after any cutting or handling which removes primer or exposes end-grain and clean and re-prime any priming that has deteriorated through exposure.

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