Traditionally, milled timber products in Australia have been produced from 25 mm and thicker sawn hardwood boards, which after seasoning and machining produce 18-19 mm thick panels.

We encourage you to break from tradition, significantly reduce costs and weight, and enjoy multiple onsite benefits with our lighter, easier to install paneling options. Our paneling is proven to perform identically to their traditional thicker counterparts, with the only exception being for impact resistance. The secret? Properly seasoned hardwoods that are appropriately fixed, coated and maintained. 

Our 12 mm thick products have been structurally certified for cyclonic and non-cyclonic applications and are available in Shiplap, Vee Joint, Decor, and Regency Series. Made from sustainably sourced, durable Australian wood species, these panels add long lasting natural beauty to any room.

A cieling made from cedar

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Shiplap Series

Panelling Shiplap

Our hardwood panelling is available in a range of set lengths in order to minimize installation time and joins on site.

Produced from only the highest grade of sawn boards. Our Spotted Gum and Blackbutt panelling is all air dried in our Brisbane facility to ensure increased stability and performance over time.

Talk to our experienced team about about our value added sanding and coating services. We will make sure your product arrives on site ready to make an immediate impact.

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Vee Joint Series

Vee Joint Series

Traditionally available as an 18mm product Timbeck has developed a Vee joint profile that will save both time and money on any project. Our 12mm Vee Joint panelling will provide that unique Australian look to your installation, highlighting the beauty of our east coast hardwoods.

Available in a range of set length boards, our raw or pre finished panelling is perfect for areas where reduced weight will aid in installation.

No joins? No worries. Talk to our team about what you need and we will make sure to provide the perfect product for your project.

A tiled hallway inside a building

Decor Series

Panelling Decors

Want to make a statement in the new alfresco area? Or how about a new hallway in the renovation? Our Decor panelling range will provide that Wow factor for any application.

Available in both Queensland Spotted gum or Coastal Blackbutt, talk to our team about how we can help with your next dream project.

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Regency Series

Panelling Regency

Originally a popular cedar profile used regularly for its stability and light weight properties, we have now included Regency into our Hardwood panelling range.

A perfect option for those high use, high traffic areas were a hard wearing product is required. Our Regency hardwood panelling with a coat of one of our cured UV lacquers will be the perfect fit.

Get in touch with our experienced team, they will be more than happy to help you with your next fit project.

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