Western Red Cedar Cladding

The Timbeck Western red cedar cladding range is suited to all building requirements – residential, commercial, industrial and recreational.  Western Red Cedar’s lightweight nature makes it very easy to install. It has fantastic dimensional stability and low shrinkage rates, reducing the risk or movement within the product, ensuring excellence in performance over time.

When you’re trying to source the best timber panelling for your next project, you’re guaranteed to find the ideal profile from within our extensive range. We manufacture only the highest grade of Western Red Cedar, sure to suit any given project.

We have more than 50 years in supplying timber products Australia wide and we’re experts in the field – you can enjoy the peace of mind you’re getting the best product available.

Our Western Red Cedar panelling is produced in four profile categories: Shiplap, Vee Joint, Regency and Sauna, which all accommodate the tongue and groove design, allowing the use of either face of concealed fixing methods.

Our Western red cedar cladding is suitable for exterior cladding, external cladding, external wall cladding and any commercial applications. Our large range of durable timber is all Australian-owned, with additional cladding options available to supply and meet the demands of any designers and projects. All timbers we produce have versatile applications for buildings, constructions and any mouldings required for maintenance.

Is Western Red Cedar a hardwood or softwood?

Western red cedar timber is a softwood cladding species. More specifically, the timber is easy to mould and work with for architecture while being highly durable and weather resistant.

Is there a difference between Red Cedar and Western Red Cedar?

Yes, there are key differences between the two red cedar timbers. The red cedar is much shorter in length than the western red cedar, and also has greater durability than most timbers, as the western red cedar species is known for surviving for over 900 years. The western red cedar also has a peculiar pattern that is formed by the leaves of the tree that spray a particular scent and aroma.

Why is Western Red Cedar so expensive?

Western Red Cedar Cladding is often considered one of the most expensive and distinctly unique softwoods due to its physical features and elements. This is because of its colour, texture, quality, straight grain, interior, natural resistance, fixed vertically and outstanding dimensional stability. However, the most desired feature of the western red cedar cladding wood is its extreme durability against weather and any liquids. Due to this, western red cedar cladding timber has been in high demand for roofing materials for various buildings around Australia.

Do I need to treat Western Red Cedar Cladding?

Due to the natural resistance and weather-protected application of the timber cladding, it is typically not required to treat the timber before you acquire it. However, like all timbers, the western red cedar can be subject to potential fungus and small insects. Due to the unique properties of the western red cedar timber, external applications and protection for the timber typically are not required, especially if the wood is located in an indoor area away from moisture or weather.

How long does Western Red Cedar last outside?

A finished western red cedar cladding product can last over 50 years if it is inside a building and not in contact with any moisture or rain from the outside. If it is in an outdoor structure that does not touch the ground like a deck or fence board, it has the potential to last up to 30 years. However, if the cedar is in internal lining boards or feature walls that are connected directly to the ground and outdoor areas, it may last up to 20 years.

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Vee joint Series

Vee Joint Panelling Softwood

Our western Red Cedar 9mm Vee Joint lining boards are the perfect lightweight option for your next renovation or new build.

Our Western red cedar weatherboard is designed specifically for weather protected applications, our panelling is easy to install and is an ideal solution for hallways, ceilings, alfresco areas and soffit linings.

With its natural range of colour tones, cedar lining boards will make an immediate impact in any given environment. Available in set lengths sanded and coated, we are sure to have the perfect robust factory finish for those high use traffic areas.

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Shiplap Series

Shiplap Panelling Series

Produced with an overlap design, cedar shiplap is suitable for almost any internal wall, frames around windows or weather-protected application.

Lightweight and easy to install, shiplap lining board can be fixed vertically or horizontally both providing a distinctly unique look. The material used is significant for delaying decay and moisture.

The versatility of this profile makes it the perfect choice for ceilings, entryways, feature walls or add a further touch of sophistication to your wine cellar. Our western red cedar is a stunning timber that can help take your feature to the next level. Our great service guarantees no decking project will be left unfinished, and every project will be manufactured with a reliable cedar shiplap.

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Regency Series

Regency Panelling Series

One of first variations to our Western Red Cedar panelling range, our regency profile adds a touch more detail to your internal lining boards.

Machined from the same clear sawn stock as our other 9mm panelling products, Regency with one of our Vacuum Coated UV cured lacquers will certainly make a statement in any new build or renovation project.

Get in touch with our sales team in our Brisbane head office, they will be more than happy to work through our range with you.

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Decor Series

Decor Series

Specifically designed with builders and architects in mind, the unique properties of our Decor range make it perfect for specification when a screening appearance is required. Any Western red cedar cladding timber or softwood used not only has high durability and depth, but is light and any stain can easily be removed.

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Other Species

Our softwood product range is available in a huge variety of local and imported species including our speciality, Western Red Cedar.

Designed to meet the requirements of both residential and commercial applications, our softwood and Western Red Cedar panelling products offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as maintaining a beautiful, distinctive appearance. 

We are recognised as Australia’s largest importer and processor of Western Red Cedar products and have specialised in the manufacture of softwood panelling and mouldings for over three decades. The special characteristics of Western Red Cedar make it particularly suited to internal panelling. The timber’s excellent insulation properties will increase a building’s energy rating. It’s popularity is further increased by cedar’s natural resistance to termites, very low shrinkage factor, and excellent finishing properties. 

Our machine profiled tongue and groove panelling is manufactured from selected Western Red Cedar stock and graded to Select Appearance grade, which for mainstream items like panelling, means that it is free of all knots, defects and similar blemishes on the primary face, whereas traces of the disallowed characteristics may appear on the back face. Designers, architects and selectors looking for a more formal, elegant appearance, particularly when boards are finished with a dressed face, will find the select appearance grade panels most appealing.

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Sizes and Profiles

Our standard range of softwood panelling profiles comprises four basic profiles – Shiplap, Vee Joint and Regency in 9mm and a rounded edge profile in 12 mm. The rounded edge option is designed to specifically meet the requirements of the Sauna industry, but it can also be used for other applications where the rich warmth of sauna panelling creates a desirable effect.

Shiplap profiles are typically 9 mm thick with a 12mm wide groove at 5 degrees off vertical, with 84 and 133 cover options. Rather than being simply square-profiled, our full range of shiplap panels are machined with a light easing on all corners which affords them a slightly softer appearance and contributes significantly to the adhesion of coating materials. This is particularly important for products exposed to external weather conditions. 

Vee joint profiles offer 86 or 137 mm cover with the centre V available in the 137 mm cover range. They are 9 mm thick and the V angle is 45 degrees off the 1 mm shoulder. Regency profiles are available in 84 and 133 mm cover and are also 9 mm thick, and our sauna profile range offers 84 mm cover and is 9 mm thick.

Beyond our standard range of stock profiles, customised detailing can readily be accommodated, and this flexibility affords designers the opportunity to tailor design their panelling to suit their buildings.

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