If you are looking for a remodelling idea for your home, adding a feature wall is a good way to start. A feature wall is basically a wall designed to add beauty and energy to your living space through different contrasts, texture and colour. Feature walls are a good way of complementing your home décor to bring out an elegant look with an impressive visual impact. Some of the popular options include putting up decorative wallpaper, applying a stone veneer and Timber Cladding. Here are some of the upcoming trends that are bound to give you that new look and feel you are looking for.

Timber Cladding Exterior of A House

Geometric Wood.

Using Geometric wood is one of the trends that is set to dominate home décor in 2021. This is because of the natural aesthetics that comes with installing this feature wall. Another advantage of a geometric wood wall is that you get to do it yourself, tailoring it to your specific design and needs. This feature even comes with an in-built bench eat to add functionality. This is definitely a good choice if you are looking to wow your guests. Keep in mind for a successful installation; you need some background information in construction.


Timber cladding.

If you are looking for texture and warmth, then Timber Cladding is your best options. This option helps bring out a clean and classy feel to your home. You choose to either install them vertically, horizontally or even diagonally. The choice is up to you. Installing this feature wall and the best part is that you can choose the paint of your choice to paint over the timber.


Stacked Stone.

Stacked stones are a good way of bringing out that rustic and natural look in your home. This feature wall can be used for both the interior and exterior walls. For the interior, most prefer them in living rooms around fireplaces. However, you can decide to add it to your kitchen, foyer or even bathroom. To install this feature wall, you cut pieces of natural stone and install them on to backing as you do with floor tiles. When it comes to the exterior, they can be used to highlight the home’s entrance or on the columns. As you can see, with background knowledge in construction, you can execute this project on your own.


Plastered Render.

2021 will see people taking on more bold approaches when it comes to home décor. Plastered render being one of those bold choices. This feature wall fits perfectly with a homeowner looking for a rough concrete look. This choice gives you a textured look but with a smooth touch. This look can be found in some of the high-end hotels and are designed to bring a luxurious backdrop. Why not bring this luxury into your home, especially in your living room.


Cork Board Walls.

This feature wall is fast becoming an option for homeowners looking for naturally warm, charming and designer feature all idea. Aside from adding elegance to your living space, this design also acts as insulation. This design can complement any décor of your choice ranging from modern to retro and even Scandinavian.