When you are looking to source timber for a project, you know that only the highest quality materials will meet your needs and specifications. After all, you want to accomplish a build once, and to do just that, you must partner with the experts in the timber industry. Whether you are just starting out or are experienced yourself, partnering with an accomplished company is a great way to meet your goals.

Working with a timber company with decades of experience is meaningful. Their longevity is a testament to their ability to get the job done. Continue reading to learn more about why more than 50 years of practical experience in the timber industry should matter to you.

Only Work With Experience to Get the Results You Want

One of the biggest reasons to trust experienced companies and leaders in the timber industry is because they are still here after years of working. They have stayed in the game to provide a service because they believe in it. These veterans understand that you want their expertise. They know that you desire a product that will be completed to your high standards. Further they aim to achieve that goal every single time. Regardless of whether you are building a home, a business, or wish to remodel, engaging with an experienced timber company matters.


Leading Manufacturers Will Have Knowledge and Experience with Timber Characteristics

Any one person or company who has worked with timber will bring their respective/collective years of experience regarding the products to the proverbial table for your benefit. Take paneling and cladding, for example. The following three timber products have varying characteristics and will wear and weather differently. Some companies can obtain the information anecdotally, while an experienced business will have first-hand knowledge at their fingertips, so to speak.

Western Red Cedar Paneling

Has a unique natural structure that is helpful in reducing sound, and resisting rot, insects, and decay. In addition, it acts as an insulator from outside temperatures. The product is resistant to splitting and warping. It is manufactured as panels or sheets of particleboard and plywood. Western Red Cedar paneling is primarily used in interior projects within the home or business space. The panels offer a wide range of options whether you choose to leave them plain and unfinished, stained, or painted in the color of choice.

Spotted Gum Cladding

A desirable hardwood that is harvested from the Eucalyptus tree with sustainable practices to ensure the continued availability of this valuable tree and the reduction of environmental impact. Spotted Gum has a distinctive grain structure that enhances the visual effect of this attractive wood. The deep brown colour is timely and will work with any era of design from traditional to contemporary. The rays can vary from light cream to dark brown and only serve to add depth and character to the wood. This wood is valued for its wide-ranging use in both interior and exterior applications. In addition to cladding, its strength and weather-resistance qualities make it an attractive option for decking and fencing projects.

Blackbutt Cladding

It is a hardwood sourced from the Australian Eucalyptus Pilularis tree. It has a warm and nutty coloring with natural grains and textures throughout. This tree has a unique characteristic of growing straight and in a uniformly cylindrical shape, thus forming straight gum veins. This linear feature adds a desirable aesthetic for many individuals looking to add a distinguishing appeal to the exterior of a home or office building. Blackbutt cladding is durable by nature which makes it ideal for unpleasant weather conditions and extreme temperatures. With routine usage, this material requires minimal repair or maintenance.

An Industry Expert Will Understand the Advantages and Disadvantages of Materials and Quality

Having worked with a wide variety of materials over the years, the team at an experienced timber company will understand why you should and should not use certain materials for a build. Take these advantages and disadvantages, for example:

  • Understanding the advantages of using different types of timber:
    • Understanding the operable use options in a variety of applications
    • Economical viability
    • Durability and longevity
    • Environmental impact and sustainability
    • Creation of a desired visual impact
    • Convenience in care
    • Ease of installation
  • Understanding the disadvantages of using different types of timber:
    • Knowledge of whether tannins will leach and subsequently stain the wood
    • Potential for changes in colour over time
    • Awareness of how difficult a particular wood is to work with

Years of Timber Industry Work Equates to Improved Business Acumen

When a company has successfully conducted business in the timber industry for more than five decades, they are certainly doing a number of things well. This speaks to how they operate within the company and for their customers. Some benefits to longevity will include:

  • Understanding what it takes to innovate while also being aware of what works throughout the processes of working with the materials for years.
  • There will be an established rapport and partnerships that have been earned and fine-tuned through years of working together to get the best products and solutions for the clients.
  • An enhanced understanding of supply chain workings and limitations which will aid in discussions of delivery times for the customers.
  • The company will be well-versed and trained in employee safety.
  • The best practices for timber harvest as well as reforestation needs and guidelines will be adhered to.
  • A learned comfort and confidence that is gained from continuously working alongside customers and suppliers.
  • The business will have amassed enough credibility and capital to make bolder choices through experimentation and proven knowledge.
  • An ability to successfully learn from mistakes via the gift of time and opportunity.
  • A working knowledge of realistic production timelines and costs.

Contact the Experts Today

If you would like to learn more about working with experienced timber specialists, be sure you contact the professionals. When it comes to building materials for your home or workplace, you only want the best products from the leading industry practitioners. Top-quality timber matters for aesthetics and structural integrity. Make the call today.