You’ll have seen timber used in large construction projects — and with good reason. The benefits of timber are extensive; it’s readily available, affordable, versatile, and safe, among many other advantages. But it’s not just for construction that you’ll find timber utilised. There are plenty of timber uses that you may not be aware of. In this post, we’ll run through some of the often-overlooked ways to use timber in your everyday life. If you love the idea of any sort of DIY with wood project, then this is the page for you. 



There’s nothing better than a roaring fire on a chilly night, especially when you’re outside enjoying the stars. If you have a fire pit in your yard, then it’s worthwhile stocking up on timber, which is a fantastic way to get a blazing fire started — and to keep it alive. In fact, timber is so effective at generating heat that you’ll still see it used in some industrial processes, such as powering engines and furnace-based lights. 


Wall Board Panels

Looking for a cheap and easy way to make your home more aesthetically appealing and better insulated? Then take a look at timber. You can use timber as wallboard panels, which will help to give your walls a cosy and beautiful touch. They’re easy to install, easy to care for, and easy to replace should it ever come to it. All you need to do to make them look the part is add some polish and paint, and you’ll have walls that elevate the appearance of your home. 


Tree Houses

Timber comes from trees, and you can also send timber back to trees by making your own treehouse. If you have small children, then there’ll be nothing that gets them quite as excited as having their very own tree house to spend time in. It’s the perfect place for young kids to let their imaginations run wild, play games, and all-around have a fun time. And while we say that treehouses are for kids, we all know that they hold a lot of charm for big kids too. Invest in some timber, look up a tutorial on how to make a treehouse, and watch as your backyard becomes a magical world of adventure. 

Wood Treehouse


Love working on projects while you’re at home? Then you can use timber to, well, create something that’ll make managing and completing those projects all the more straightforward. Timber is the ideal material for making your own workbench since it’s so versatile and easy to put together. You can easily create a basic workbench, but if you’re feeling confident you can always go above and beyond and craft a varnished workbench that comes complete with storage for your tools. 


Picture Frames

Picture frames are affordable enough, but there’s something special about having your favourite photos in a frame that you have created with your own hands. For this, a little bit of timber can go a long way (well, a little bit if you’re trying to make a small picture frame; the sky’s the limit!). There’s not that much technical prowess required to put together a solid picture frame, making it a good option for people who are just getting started with DIY with wood.


Make Your Own Toys

If you were to travel back to the 19th century around Christmas time, then you’d find a lot of timber-made toys sitting under the Christmas tree. Today, they’ve largely fallen out of favour thanks to all those digital products that kids pine for. Still, if you’re looking to give someone an extra special gift this year, then consider making your own toy out of timber. You’ll need some skills, and a little bit of paint will also go a long way, but if you can take the time to get it right, you’ll be able to give a much-loved gift to that special person in your life. 


Homemade Skateboard Ramps

Most people go to the skate park when they want to put their skateboard through its paces. But you don’t have to go anywhere — provided you have a skateboard ramp in your yard. This one is a bigger project than most others on this list, but there are YouTube tutorials that’ll help you. If you’re more of a mountain biker, then you can adapt the ramp to suit your bike; it’ll give you your fix of fun when you can’t get out into the great outdoors. 


Craft Your Own Ping Pong Table

Not all modern ping pong tables are made from timber — but historically they were. If you’re a fan of table tennis and looking for a fun project, then consider making your own table. It mostly just involves putting together pre-cut pieces of timber, though you’ll also need to treat the top to ensure the ball bounces evenly. And don’t forget to paint the top with a green base and white serving lines for the full effect. 



There’s nothing better than seeing wildlife in your backyard. You can increase the chances that nature will come your way by making your own birdhouse out of timber. This is an intricate and small project that requires some technical ability, but not much. Once you’ve finished, you can paint it a welcoming colour, fill it with bird seed, and wait for them to come. 

Wood Birdhouse

Timber Uses: The Possibilities Are Endless!

This is just a small selection of the projects you can get underway with timber. In truth, this list could have been much, much longer. If a material can be used for both creating picture frames and creating ships that sail the seven seas, then you know you’ve got a handy material in your hands. If you love engaging in DIY projects, then why not consider picking up some timber and seeing what you can come up with? Whether it’s a decoration for your home, a present for a loved one, or you just want to play around, you can trust that you can get the job done with timber.