Timber has been used in interior design for many generations and remains one of the hottest trends to this day. It can be considered one of the best solutions available, irrespective of whether designing a custom-built home from scratch, redecorating a room, or renovating after moving into a new property. 

Here at Timbeck, you can find an extensive range of timber products to turn your home from bland to grand. This guide will help you plan your interior design upgrades to unlock the full potential of timber for many years to come.


Why Timber?

Timber is a very popular building material that’s also ideal for a wide range of reasons. Before choosing it for your property, though, it’s important to ensure that it aligns with your requirements. 

The benefits of using timber include strength and durability, which leads to long-term value for money, as well as environmental benefits and insulation. Crucially, though, it is a very versatile material that can be used for many purposes while also delivering a wide range of design possibilities. And while other design trends come and go, timber is set to scream luxury and style for years to come.

In short, you can use timber with confidence, bringing your interior design dreams to life with truly stunning results. 

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Using Timber To Create The Space You Want

Thanks to the almost endless design possibilities, timber can be incorporated into virtually any style of home. However, it’s still important to develop a clear strategy for how you will use it to build your dream home. Focus on the following aspects, and you won’t go far wrong.

  • Set The Tone With Hardwood 


First impressions count for a lot in this world, especially when it comes to home design. The property’s exterior is the first point of interaction when returning home from a day of work. Moreover, an upgrade can make your property the envy of your neighbours. Hardwood cladding is the ultimate solution that brings an unmistakable sense of elegance and style.

Durable timber cladding isn’t only great for commercial properties. It is an ideal solution for homes because the density makes it a great insulator while the striking aesthetic is one you’ll love for years. From a rusticated profile to an eased edge, you can easily find one that suits your requirements. Better still, it can match your garden deck or other outside timber features.


  • Think About Colour

When moving into different rooms of the home, the key to success with timber is found in the finish. Wood can be finished to give a natural timber look or take on the colour that will define the room. Once you consider the emotional impact of different colours, you’ll see exactly why this should be the top item on your agenda.

Timber interior design features often work best with a natural colour, which can either stand out as a contrast to upholstery or to match the timber features of tables or other furniture pieces. Of course, an appreciation of different timber colours will be vital too. The dark mahogany may be perfect for a study or home library while a lighter white oak could be perfect for making the living spaces look larger.


  • Use Timber To Create A Consistent Vibe

Each room in your home is likely to have its distinct characteristics. Nevertheless, ensuring that a sense of cohesion is felt throughout the property is vital. You can use Timbeck hardwood panelling to transform the look of a room. It could be used as wall or ceiling panelling while hardwood flooring is a very popular choice too.

If you have timber window frames, you may wish to opt for similar styling when building the room. Crucially, you want to get a consistent vibe regarding how much timber is involved in your interior design features. If you have a few timber interior design quirks in each room, it’s usually best to maintain this concept throughout. Otherwise, you’ll see a disjointed atmosphere that limits the benefits of timber.


  • Always Consider The Home Style

Whether using timber or any other material, you have to consider the theme of the home. An industrial theme may opt for rough and vintage appearances while minimalism and stylish decor are the key features of an ultra-modern home. Timber can be used for farmhouse, contemporary, and other styles.

Understanding your interior design objective will allow you to find the perfect timber panelling, furniture, and lighting features for the room. Likewise, you will be better positioned for making choices that don’t fall victim to short-term trends. Timber will provide the foundation for bringing a room to life as panelling can be coupled with items like wooden chairs and bed frames. When supported by other items, success is assured.


Find Timber Solutions Today

If you’re keen to use timber for your interior design projects, you need to work with a reliable supplier that can provide the best materials and help you bring the vision together. Here at Timbeck, we’re happy to help. Call our experts to find out more today.