Timber cladding is always a popular option for creating an aesthetic look on the exterior of homes and other properties. It can even be a great choice for interior design. One of the best things about timber cladding is its versatility in terms of design. There are plenty of different ways it can be used and various designs that deliver unique looks. Timber cladding trends may change with time too, as new trends emerge and some older trends perhaps fall out of favour. If you are looking for the best timber cladding options for your property, take a look at these modern designs and styles put together by our expert team at Timbeck that are sure to look good for years to come.


Cladding Fins

Fins, or protruding cladding boards, give properties a contemporary look. They can be used to create depth and interesting patterns, which is perfect for complementing modern exterior and interior designs. It’s important to get the design and materials right with this type of cladding. Ensuring the protruding pieces are stable and will last a long time is a must, and for that, you need to choose the right type of timber in the best sizes and thickness. Fins can be combined with board cladding too, either for practicality or to create an interesting final look.


Charred Timber Cladding

Charred timber cladding has risen as a significant architectural and interior design trend in recent years. The dark finish of this style of timber offers a really striking look that’s sure to stand out in any home or business. Genuine charred timber cladding is usually inspired by the Japanese Yaki Sugi. The traditional process can create a range of colours, from light grey to deep black. But you can also now find timber cladding with this charred look that hasn’t gone through the charring process. Instead, some cladding options imitate the traditional style using black paint or similar finishes.


There are a couple of reasons it can make sense to choose an imitation over the real deal. Charring can affect the integrity of the timber, which could increase the likelihood of it flaking or cracking. Replicating the charred style can also be the more affordable option, helping property owners to save money while still giving them the aesthetics they’re looking for.


Batten Panelling and Cladding

Batten-style cladding uses narrow boards with spaces in between. It has become a popular choice for both exterior and interior applications. The versatile style can quickly and easily add a contemporary look to any property. It’s a great option to combine with trendy Scandinavian or industrial design styles and can look fantastic with dark accents, whether from interior paint or exterior features like window and door frames.


Orientation and Size Options

Playing around with options for timber cladding sizes and orientations is an excellent way to find the best modern design. Both horizontal and vertical orientations for cladding are being used in the design of contemporary homes, although vertical cladding panels are often the more popular choice. But even with horizontal panels, the final look can depend on the size of the panels and other factors, such as the type of timber and the chosen finish. Wide panels can create a more contemporary design that stands out and makes great use of space.


Mixed Timber Cladding

There’s no need to stick to one cladding style. In fact, mixing different types of cladding is one of the ways architects and designers in Australia are incorporating cladding into contemporary designs. There are multiple reasons to love the mixed cladding look and use it to add something special to a modern home. By mixing different styles of cladding, it’s easy to add a lot of character to any property. It’s an excellent choice for urban design that can be used to create different shapes or highlight certain parts of a property’s design.


As well as mixing different types of timber cladding, designers are using cladding in different materials. Timber cladding can be mixed with stone and other options to introduce a variety of textures and colours. Mixed cladding can even create some really dramatic looks that draw the eye and give the property’s design a real personality. There are so many possibilities when mixing different cladding options too. With various materials and styles, you can combine them in hundreds of ways.


Native Australian Timber Cladding

When you’re looking for the right materials for any architectural or interior design project, it’s always worth considering how to make the most of natural and native materials. Australia has some beautiful native timber species that can be used sustainably in timber cladding. One option that you might see is spotted gum timber cladding, made from a native Australian hardwood. This wood is extremely durable and has great fire resistance too. It comes in a range of shades, from light browns to deeper red-brown colours. It can be finished in a number of ways to achieve the desired look too. It’s a beautiful choice for both indoor and outdoor cladding.


Weathered Cladding

Weathered cladding might be something that seems a little more traditional at first glance, but it can be used to create more contemporary aesthetics too. A popular selection for coastal homes and luxury beach properties, it can have a very attractive look that fits in with a modern home design. Species such as pacific teak and burnt ash are good selections for weathered cladding as they take on a silvery colour when they begin to show signs of weathering. Choosing the right timber species is important because the cladding needs to get that weathered look without it affecting the integrity of the timber.


Ask Timbeck About Modern Timber Cladding Designs

Here at Timbeck, we’re experts in timber cladding. Our range of cladding products has something for everyone. We’ll help you find the right product for your exterior or interior cladding project. With stunning options such as our shiplap series and rusticated series, you can find timber cladding that gives your property a beautiful contemporary look that really stands out. If you have any questions regarding the best timber cladding style for you property, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.