Whether you’re redesigning an old house or a new one, you need it to have modern designs. There are several ways you can modernise both your interior and exterior spaces with timber cladding designs. Know your ideal style and architecture to come up with different looks for your home. Here are five wonderful timber cladding designs you should consider if you want your house to achieve a modern look. Our Timber here at Timbeck would make a lovely addition to your need design!

Wall Cladding

A wooden tunnel

A natural wood façade works wonderfully in your home’s interiors and exteriors to ensure you achieve the desired modern look. If used properly, the wood will provide some colour contrast that matches well with the windows, doors and your entire house design.

Using natural wood for your cladding gives your home a natural inspiration that every homeowner will like. The cladding is also a perfect way to brighten the corridors and other spaces that do not receive enough natural light. The colours remain simple, letting everything else in the house stand out.

Light Colours with Big Windows

A tiny home in the woods

Light colours give your home a fresh and modern look. The light colours have a way of making even the smallest space feel open. Use them on the walls to break the cladding on the floors and ceiling. If you feel like a lot of wood makes the space feel cramped, try using natural colours for your wood cladding. The light colours with a lot of space for windows are wonderful ways to brighten up your space. 

Use Timber Cladding for Unification

A lounge area in a corner

Carrying the exterior cladding to the interior is a perfect way to create a connection through the entire home. The unification that this design idea brings home is a perfect way to display craftsmanship that will appeal to every eye.

You can choose to use some riveted accent walls with spaced boards. To create uniformity, use the same style to clad the walls in your dining room and space opposite it. Make sure you space the boards similar to the way you do it in the exteriors. These styles, both indoors and outdoors, create a perfect flow that gives the entire building some uniformity.

Try Rustic Chic

An outdoor area with a fireplace

The rustic-chic cladding style is popular in modern homes. A combination of the rustic design together with some modern elements makes your home look stylish and modern. While using this design, don’t forget to compliment other things such as the furniture. 

You can also create a rustic-chic design by laying down the walls in a herringbone way. This also displays the value of modern designs, with the texture of the timber giving your home some interest.

Vertical and Horizontal Cladding

Wooden cedar walls in an office

Vertical and horizontal timber cladding has been used since time immemorial, and it’s still making a statement. Depending on your house’s style and shape, you can use both vertical and horizontal or choose one of them. Vertical cladding wood has a way of adding some uniformity and height to the building. If you want your house to stand out, mixing both styles makes it even more creative and appealing.