Timber cladding is a great way to add a timber feature to your home. Timber features for your home renovations include timber ceilings, timber doors, timber floors and more. If you’re looking for a new timber feature like timber floors, then it’s important to make sure that the timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

What kind of timber is available for me?

A building wall made from wooden cedar

These pages will discuss how you can choose the right kind of timber – Hardwood or Cedar – for your needs by taking into consideration things like colour, grain, hardness and durability. Other benefits that come with using timber in your renovation or refresh project include energy efficiency (due to superior insulation), low maintenance costs (since it doesn’t require painting) and its rich texture which makes any living space more inviting.

There is timber cladding which reflects timber beams that mimic the beauty of timber ceilings, while also providing insulation and a sleeker look if your ceiling isn’t exposed in any way. Then there are timber floors, which instantly create an inviting atmosphere whatever style or size home you have.

Can I customise my timber cladding?


In terms of colour, timber comes in many different shades from light to dark. Just like with paint colours, it’s best to choose darker timbers for rooms that have less natural light since the flooring will reflect more light back into the room and counterbalance the effect of not having as much natural lighting. With lighter timber flooring in rooms with lots of natural light such as kitchens and living areas, you’ll notice a difference right away, with timber conversely absorbing more of the natural light which will brighten up your room and make it feel bigger.

For timber beams, you’ll want to go for timber that reflects as much light as possible so that it can help bounce some light around any darker rooms in your house like bathrooms or bedrooms. Alternatively, you could try timber floors which are already known to be lighter than timber ceilings since they’re less exposed. Or an option such as parquetry timber tiles (which come in both dark and light tones) is a great option for those who want a mix of features within one renovation project – parquetry timber also comes with its own unique style through intricate patterns of different colours and shapes within each tile itself.

Why Timber is becoming more popular

Timber is becoming more popular as people become aware of timber’s environmental benefits. Environmentally, timber is a better choice since it stores carbon from the atmosphere and releases oxygen for humans to breathe. Timber makes houses more comfortable because timber absorbs sounds from outside which means rooms tend to be quieter and sound a bit warmer. Contact Timbeck if you’re interested in adding a feauture to your home today!