For you to understand what timber cladding means, we will first define the term cladding. Cladding is used to denote the components that are applied to the external parts of a building to form more stylish exteriors. So, timber cladding is a hybrid way of applying smooth and durable timber to guard your walls against moisture or any external air. Its popularity is growing daily as timber is considered an environmentally friendly cladding method. In some cases, it is also known as weatherboarding.

House's Exterior Cladding

Of course, cladding doesn’t always need to be timber-made. However, the natural aesthetic appeal of well-finished wooden cladding has made timber the cream of the crop. The technique is an extremely old weatherboarding method that has been perfected over time and it has grown to be a timeless option that might never get out of fashion any time soon.

How Timber Cladding Creates Beautiful Facades

Truth be told…timber cladding is extremely stunning. The natural timber aesthetics makes it easily blend with the environment. It breaks up the mundane to bring nature to the urban setting. More importantly, the technique gives buildings a striking facade that leaves every pass-by gazing or talking about it. No wonder the technique is becoming more and more popular with architects.

That said, here are the ways in which timber cladding helps to create beautiful facades.

  • It is Dynamic

Timber clads don’t have to appear on your building as wood strips. In fact, this type of cladding can be used in a number of ways to bring elegance and stylish finishes according to your building design. You can opt for timber shingles which is a fantastic alternative to the traditional options, especially for walls and roofs. Timber shingles give stunning and beautiful facades to any building design.

  • Changes Over Time

Timber clads changes in appearance over time in a process known as weathering due to environmental conditions. While you might think of this as a negative impact, when it comes to timber, the process is magnificent. It comes as a wonderful development and you can easily deceive your long-time friend that you changed the clads with new ones. The clads weathers to give your building gorgeous grey sheen shine facades.

Another great thing about this is that you can still slow the process by applying some treatments. Brunnea pressure treatment is a perfect and popular solution to slow down weathering process as it protects woods without interfering with its beautiful facades.

House Facade

  • It is Durable

The right timber can withstand any weather adverse conditions, especially when appropriately cared for. More importantly, it’s almost impossible to spot chips or dents on well-fitted timber clads. This means that the finish will retain its beautiful facades forever.

To have durable timber clads, go for the trees that are grown in harsher conditions. But you can also treat even the common trees to attain better preservative conditions that slow down the degradation processes.

  • They are Insulators

Effective cladding helps in insulating against both heat and sound. Better at heat preservation than concrete, aluminum, or steel, timber clads not only give your building stunning facades but also keeps it warm.