Timber cladding, also known as siding or weatherboard, which was first used in agricultural buildings, has evolved into popular designs for residential and commercial buildings. But despite its popularity on the market, a lot of people are still in the dark when it comes time to what timber cladding is. Suppose you are considering having timber cladding installed on your home, or you just want to educate yourself on what timber cladding is and everything about it. In that case, this comprehensive blog will help you understand timber cladding. 

What Is Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is considered as the second layer for a house. It is typically installed on the external facade of the house to protect it against the weather, while also improving the home’s appeal because of its chic and luxurious aesthetic. Timber cladding can also look good on ceilings, adding a nice look to any room.

Generally, timber cladding involves planks or boards of timber that overlap each other to act as a shield. This durable siding is designed to have a cavity between it and the wall itself. So if there are any moisture that can penetrate the timber cladding, the humidity will have a chance to drain away or evaporate.

Things You Need to Know About Timber Cladding

All About Timber Cladding #1: Beautiful Aesthetics

Timber cladding is extremely popular as a construction material for thousands of years. But its use as an exterior material is increasingly becoming more popular because of its beautiful appearance. Its shade makes it perfect for cladding, but remember that the shade can vary depending on the soil properties of the area and where the tree grew. Some of the other factors that can affect its shade are the grade of the wood and the weather condition. Overtime, some timber cladding can become a silvery tone. 

All About Timber Cladding #2: Durability and Strength

Timber cladding is a hardwood species because of its known density, which is usually 670kg or above per cubic meter. Particularly, softwood has a lower mass of just around 390kg per cubic meter. A hardwood that has a higher density means it’s not only heavier but also more durable and more robust. 

Due to the toughness of the timber, it makes it a perfect material for exterior cladding. This is because it can withstand any weather conditions. Another good thing about timber is that it can also help resist other forces of nature, including moisture, termites, and fungal attacks. 

All About Timber Cladding #3: Interior or Exterior Timber Cladding

Now, when it comes to interior or exterior cladding, timber is becoming popular amongst home builders and architects. Many commercial establishments are making the most out of its beauty and durability. If you notice, many schools and other extensive commercial facilities are using timber cladding in their constructions because of its beautiful aesthetic and durability. 

All About Timber Cladding #4: Versatility of Timber Cladding

Because of its beautiful aesthetic and durability, more and more architects are now using timber cladding interiors. Timber is not only a great material for exterior cladding, but it is also becoming more and more popular in home interiors as well. Due to its high density, it makes it a perfect option for outdoor decks, doors, windows, flooring, and other furniture.

Timber is also used commonly in homes that uses wood for its structure because timber comes from a hardwood species. Due to its toughness, timber makes it perfect for roofing beams, floors, and frames.

Also, timber is one of the most sought after construction materials because of its distinct properties. In fact, it is suitable for almost every part of every home, from the most basic structure to the decking and dressed board on the inside. Yes, this may also include furniture and other items where wood is needed. 

All About Timber Cladding #5: Timber Cladding Is Easy to Install

Timber cladding is designed for rapid installation and ease of use. Compared with other materials, it also allows less material handling, including scaffolding, though this will depend on the area that’s being covered. 

All About Timber Cladding #6: Timber Cladding Maintenance

Timber cladding maintenance includes UV and water-resistant coating, especially for those installed outdoors. This will prevent structural damage, mould, and rot from occurring. 


If you want a nice facade for your home or commercial property, then timber cladding is the way to go. These are just some things that you should know about timber cladding if you are considering installing one for your home or commercial space. If you are still undecided, let your contractor help you decide as they know better so you don’t have to worry about anything.